Hitting the Airwaves

"The world as it is, is not the world as it has to be," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said in a TV ad that aired in some key markets during the Super Bowl last night. (Watch it HERE)

All part of the more than $100 million that's been spent on TV ads so far.

We took a look at this last night on World News (Watch HERE)

Some other features of the air war, courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Advertising Project:

* Mitt Romney was the No. 1 advertiser in both parties -- 35,000 ads -- and spent as much as all of his GOP opponents combined - and almost four times as much as John McCain in Florida

* Barack Obama led the Democratic pack with almost 30,000 ads, worth almost $23 million; Hillary Clinton aired more than 25,500 ads, worth well over $18 million. 

* Republican ads featured the issues of taxes, defense (including Iraq, veterans and terrorism), abortion and immigration

* Democrats all led with health care - followed by economic issues (housing, poverty and jobs)

* Who did the talking? Barack Obama narrated nearly 83% of his own TV ads, while Hillary Clinton narrated fewer than half (43 percent) of hers. 

* McCain used images of the American flag more than any other leading candidate, with 77% of his TV ads displaying the Stars and Stripes…compared with 40% of Obama's and 33% of Clinton's.

* Despite the stakes and the negative tenor, 90% of nearly all candidates' ads were judged "positive," with only 10% determined to be "contrast" in nature and none "negative," save for Mike Huckabee's famously pulled pure attack ad against Romney, which aired 11 times in Iowa. (Remember that?)

Do these ads work on you?

- jpt

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