Michelle Obama's Brother Slams Clintons

In the new New Yorker, aspiring First Brother-in-Law Craig Robinson assails his family's Democratic opponents.

"I’m telling you, she’s not faking the funk, that’s for sure. Neither is he,” Robinson said about his sister and brother-in-law, Sen.. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. “And that’s why it’s working. That’s why people are connecting. ’Cause you can’t B.S. that good. Even if you’re Bill Clinton you can’t, because he’s getting called on it.”

Of Bill Clinton’s “fairy tale” comment," Robinson said, "He’s straight up saying things that aren’t true. And it was great, because Barack didn’t go crazy. He just said, ‘Hey, we just have to say something when somebody says something that’s blatantly not true.’ No one’s ever called those people on it.”

“Michelle and Barack’s plan is to win this election," he continued. "They can’t be worried about what he says. I mean, you know, sometimes you get angry. But it’s so ludicrous that it’s almost comical. It really is. It really is."

Of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, Robinson said, "the whole crying now before every primary? You’ve got to be kidding me. If I was a woman, I’d be embarrassed for her."

h/t Halperin and The Page.

-- jpt

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