Former Clintonista Pushes Unity Ticket Petition -- "His Own Idea," He Says (Ahem)

After the last Clinton campaign shake-up, when campaign manager Patty Solis Doyle left, other staffers followed her out the door,  including Adam Parkhomenko, Doyle's right hand man.He re-emerges today with the creation of an on-line petition to members of the DNC urging a unity Clinton/Obama ticket, ""Our friend Marc Ambinder notes recalls that Parkhomenko's website brought him to the attention of Solis Doyle five years ago; he was hired by her in 2005.Ambinder also notes that Parkhomenko was once "one of the first employees of the 2006 incarnation of Clinton's political action committee, HillPAC, and his proximity to the powers of the campaign will raise the question of whether the effort is sanctioned by the campaign. (Parkhomenko says that the idea was his own.)…"But you know, it's always a question in the world of politics as to what's organic and what's inauthentically stage-managed to appear authentic. A plugged-in Democrat I know told me he knew weeks before it happened that the Clinton campaign was going to start raising the possibility of the so-called "Dream ticket" (with Clinton listed first, natch.).- jpt

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