Hutchinson on Obama: Stop Him Before He Talks About Wright Again!

On the Huffington Post, Earl Ofari Hutchinson writes, "Whoever on Team Obama keeps feeding into Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's seeming compulsive need to speak out on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright should get the swift boot."

Faulting Obama for his "halting, stumbling, anguished voice press conference" today, Hutchinson says the myriad speeches, interviews and press conferences he's given on the subject have given "talking heads more salacious grist for the gossip and rumor mill about Wright, the church and Obama's long term relationship with both. He's elevated Wright from a relatively obscure, local preacher to a nationally known polarizing figure. He's deepened the suspicions of those who all along felt that he was a closet radical and race panderer."

The episode has caused many Democrats to have second thoughts about Obama and no "matter how much he protests that Wright doesn't represent him or his thinking, the fact is he sat in his church for nearly two decades, called him a spiritual mentor and family confidant, appointed him to an advisory post in his campaign, and in his so-called race speech refused to disown his two decade experience and relationship with him. This instantly makes his Wright protest sound like the wail of a politician running scared, and who sees the long, arduous, time consuming and patient work he put into building up public trust in him as the nation's great political hope fast washing down the drain."

Tough stuff. Whaddaya think?

- jpt

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