Regrets, Bill Has a Few (Not Really)

Does former President Bill Clinton regret his error-strewn defense of his wife's Bosnia sniper-fire story? Does he regret mis-informing voters in Boonville and Jasper, Indiana?"I regret that people like you care more about that when whether she served the troops," he told reporters today in Terra Haute, per ABC News' Sarah Amos.The former president said that he wouldn't be attempting any long to defend his wife on her story."Hillary called me and said, 'Look, I misstated it, you said I misstated it, but you don't know any – you gotta let me handle this because you don't remember it either,'" he said. "So I'm gonna let her handle this.""I think the fact that Hillary made a factual error in her account and acknowledged it shouldn't obscure the fact that she did go into an area not free of danger and was there advocating for the troops," he said. "Always has, and she got a record that is unequal in doing that. I think that's the important thing."- jpt

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