Hillary Clinton's To-Do List

1. Win in West Virginia next week -- dispatch Bill asap

2. Go on to win in Puerto Rico and Kentucky, racking up popular votes as much as humanly possible (need to have popular vote argument to make to Super-Ds)

3. Try to pick off one of the three remaining "Obama" primaries -- Oregon, Montana or South Dakota

4. Argue that Obama should have won Indiana; a post-game recalibration of expectations

5. Point to ugly exit poll data from Indiana showing 50% of Clinton supporters say they will not vote for Obama in the Fall

6. Push back on Obama "achievement" in Indiana that he lost white women by only 61%-39% -- as opposed to larger losses in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Argue: What kind of crazy worldview is this?

7. Look for more oppo. Another minister? Ayers? When does Rev. Wright's book come out?

8. MICHIGAN and FLORIDA ...The number 2,025 no longer exists. 2,209...2,209...2,209... Make it a civil rights issue

9. Push the money thing - Obama outspent us significantly, and yet he cannot put us away

10. Hard sell to superdelegates. This is going to happen and we have long memories. Stay on the fence.

11. Pray.

- jpt

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