Ickes Elaborates on Clinton's Plan to Move the Finish Line

This actually could ultimately prove to be the most important development of the day.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, not only continued her aggressive outreach to white working class voters -- she indicated she wanted to move the finish line of her race.

Right now Democratic Party rules state that the candidate who first secures 2,025 delegates will be the nominee.

But hold the phone -- today Clinton said that number is actually 2,209.

She's counting Michigan and Florida -- states that held contests contrary to Democratic National Committee rules and were penalized as a result.

She's counting Michigan -- where Obama was not on the ballot. He removed his name, as did every other credible * Democrat except for Clinton.

Senior Clinton adviser Harold Ickes elaborates on this "new math" to Politico's Mike Allen.

By counting Michigan and Florida, Clinton when the primaries are over on June 3 will still be behind, Ickes said.

But she will be “substantially less than 100 delegates behind” Obama.

“We don’t believe that this party is going to go forward into a presidential race without seating both Florida and Michigan,” Ickes said.

“The Obama people keep talking about 2,025, which implies they don’t intend to seat Florida and Michigan,” Ickes said. “We think that’s a mistake on the part of the party – it’s foolish.”

You know what's funny?

There's a guy named Harold Ickes who was on the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee who voted last year to strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates for violating the rules.

I mean what are the odds?

- jpt

* "Credible" added.

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