Obama New Oregon Superdelegate Impugns McCain's Ethics

One of the newest superdelegates to join Flock Obama, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., attacked Sen. John McCain's ethics Friday afternoon in Albany, Ore.

"He says we need less regulation," said DeFazio in his introduction of Obama. "Hello! Wall Street mortgage meltdown, Bear Stearns taxpayer bailout, Enron, but, you know, I guess maybe for a guy who was up to his neck in the Keating Five and savings and loan scandal less regulation is better."

DeFazio went on to say that "some are tempted by the false promise of John McCain. What he calls the 'Straight Talk Express.' But let's call it what it is. It is not the Straight Talk Express -- it is the Trojan Horse Express.

"It's the same old Bush-Cheney politics but even more reckless on public policy, even more reckless on foreign affairs," DeFazio said. "We cannot allow the American people to be fooled again by John McCain and his stump speech!"

- jpt

UPDATE: McCain spox Tucker Bounds says "Peter Defazio's unhinged rhetoric and reckless disregard for the facts shows Barack Obama can't stand up for his own standard of new politics, which means it isn't likely that he's going to stand up for much else either."

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