Older Hoosier to Obama on Gas Tax Holiday: "A Lot of Us Are Nothing But Short-Termers Anyway"

Sen. Barack Obama's stance against the federal gas tax holiday supported by Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain may have won him the support of editorial boards and been a factor in the defection/endorsement of superdelegate Joe Andrew, but at least one older Indiana voter isn't so impressed.

With a nod to Obama's complaint that the tax holiday isn't a long-term solution, in Columbia City, Indiana, today an older Hoosier said, "well, even if this tax that we pay on gasoline and the big oil companies would be paying that -- although it is a short term thing as you say -- why can't it be made this money that the oil companies to pay it into that fund that takes care of roads, bridges and stuff, and we can still get some relief on this gas, even if it is short term, and a lot of us are nothing but short termers anyway?"

Watch it HERE.

- jpt

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