The Ellsworth Endorsement

The Clinton campaign made the announcement this morning as a "Superdelegate Watch" that Rep. Brad Ellsworth, D-Ind. (along with Rep. Heath Shuler, D-NC) "announced their support for Hillary."

But Ellsworth's support is quite qualified. So much so that ABC News is not counting him as a Clinton superdelegate, per his office's instructions.

After Clinton won Indiana and his congressional district, Ellsworth, a superdelegate, said in a paper statement that “I stand by my belief the American people, not superdelegates, should decide who the Democrat nominee will be, and I was glad to see record numbers of Hoosiers getting involved and casting their votes in this historic race. If it comes down to the convention, I will cast my vote for the candidate 8th District voters chose unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.”   

Ellsworth spokeswoman Liz Farrar tells ABC News' Karen Travers that "this should not be taken as an endorsement.  The Congressman is not endorsing either candidate. His position is that if this contest continues all the way to the convention, he will cast his vote for the candidate the 8th District voters chose. But he has no intention of getting involved in the race (with an endorsement, etc) on behalf of either candidate."

- jpt

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