Women For Hillary

FROM GUEST-BLOGGER RICK KLEIN, OF ABC'S THE NOTEA Democratic source passes on a fundraising solicitation from a new group, WomenCount PAC, along with a copy of an ad the group is placing in Thursday's USA Today, Sunday's New York Times, and Oregon newspapers next week.From the solicitation, sent by Allida Black, the director and editor of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers at George Washington University: "Hillary is my candidate and my friend. I know there is no one who is better prepared to lead us out of this mess and help create the nation I want America to be than Hilllary."And I am furious at the media, cowardly elected officials, moonstruck Democrats who want to call this race before the race is finished. So, taking a cue from the incomparable Susie Buell, a bunch of us decided to take it to the media in their own back yard."Then comes an urgent plea for FedExed donations to fund the group's efforts, and this promise: "A press release, blog and viral email blitz will accompany the timing of the USA Today and NYT placements and we hope to begin a wave of 'patience' and desire to see this entire process through to the end.""Patience" seems like Sen. Clinton's best argument for playing this out for three more weeks, and these are the kinds of allies she can use, particularly with NARAL throwing in its lot with Sen. Obama.Agree? How does this play out as an argument?-- Rick Klein

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