Big Bad John's Big Bad Video

While much attention has been given to the reelection TV ad of Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. -- in which he invokes praise for his bipartisan efforts from Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois -- another Republican Senator's video is getting some buzz in the political world as well.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, launched a web video that features a remake of the Jimmy Dean song "Big John," featuring Cornyn dressed in cowboy clothes as he's heralded with lyrics such as: "He rose to the top, in just one term. Kept Texas in power, made lesser states squirm. Big John."

“…as the sun rose on the PecosThe big clock it had burned.Six years darted byIs it another man’s turn?Don’t think that, Big Johnnie,We’re sending you backYou’re doing the Lord’s work for Texas,And we got your back.

"We’ll call folk, we’ll hustle, we’ll outwork out foe.We’ll tell souls in Texas you must get six mo’.For that place out yonder needs more men like you,Who shoot straight,And talk straight,And enjoy a good brew.Big John.”

Watch it HERE.

The video has been mocked all over the internet and recently on The Daily Show by Jon Stewart (who also featured the ad of Cornyn's fictitious Democratic opponent.)

"My staff convinced me that it would be a good idea. Maybe I need a new staff," Cornyn joked at the recent state GOP convention.

"The response at the Republican convention was overwhelmingly positive, and that's who the target audience was," Cornyn campaign spox Kevin McLaughlin told KVUE. "You can't really buy the kind of attention this has been getting."

That includes attention from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which regards the ad as such a mockery it has put it on its own site.

- jpt

UPDATE: Despite media accounts, this is not a TV ad, it's a video used to introduce Cornyn at events and also is a web video, so I corrected that above. Bill O'Reilly says he finds it "watchable."

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