How Barack Hussein Obama Could Theoretically Beat John Sidney McCain III (And Vice Versa)

In March we made an 8-point list "How John Sidney McCain III Could Theoretically Beat Whomever the Democrats Pick."

We did it for discussion purposes only, and we said when the Democrats made their pick, we'd do a reverse list.

So here it is. How Obama could win this November.

1. Change. Change. Change.

2. People want out of Iraq.

3. Democrats have the wind at their back, they just won three special elections in Republican House seats. And yes, the Democrats in the Mississippi and Louisiana seats were conservative on some issues, but they are largely with the Democrats on economics and Iraq.

4. McCain has some work to do to convince voters he cares about them on issues dealing with the economy, health care, the housing crisis, and education.

5. Obama is about 1,000 times the speechifier than McCain is.

6. McCain has yet to seem to the public like the fiery, bipartisan maverick millions of Americans fell in love with in 2000.

7. Both Obama and McCain are trailblazers. But their trailblazing works in different ways. Electing the first African-American president feeds into something that makes Americans feel good about themselves. Electing the oldest person ever first elected makes many Americans feel uneasy -- especially older Americans.

8. Obama has run the gold standard of American presidential campaigns. McCain, to be charitable, has not and is not currently.


I would now update the March post on McCain's advantages like so:

How John Sidney McCain III Could Theoretically Beat Barack Hussein Obama:

1. National security, national security, national security.

2. Record of actually working in a bipartisan way and taking risks to do so, unlike Obama. (Example: immigration reform. McCain nearly sacrificed his presidential campaign to pass that bill. Obama joined the bipartisan coalition but defected when labor-friendly amendments were offered.)

3. Win Latino voters. He has a case to make to them, and many are leery of Obama.

4. Turn traditional media bias on its head by providing reporters far greater access.

5. Be a white man in a country that has only elected white men president.

6. Figure out a way to win Clinton voters -- especially white blue-collar voters in Ohio, seniors in Florida -- who have been driven into a purple hatred of Obama.

7. Push Obama to follow through with his pledge by entering into public financing, thus eliminating money advantage. (He won't do it, but then you can further the impression that he's a poseur.)

8. Don't have any folks with questionable views about the U.S. in your circle of friends and colleagues.

- jpt

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