Is a Liberal Christian Group’s TV Ad Suggesting McCain is an Adulterer?

The Matthew 25 Network, a liberal Christian group, is running an ad in support of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, that seems to be obliquely raising the issue of Sen. John McCain’s infidelities during his first marriage.Watch the ad HERE. The ad begins with pastor Brian McLaren saying, “As a pastor, I know you can learn a lot about a man's character by how he treats his family.”That’s followed by Pastor KirbyJon Caldwell – one of President George W. Bush’s spiritual advisers -- attesting that “Barack is a strong man of Christian faith who has been married to his wife Michelle for 16 years.” Caldwell also says of Obama, "Throughout his entire career he's stood by families." "Including his own,” notes his wife pastor Suzette Caldwell.“Hmmmmph!” affirms her husband.At beliefnet, Steve Waldman wonders, “Might this be intended to poke John McCain for committing adultery in his first marriage? Seems that way to me.”It likely seems that way even more after a conference call Caldwell held for reporters today in which, according to ABC News’ Teddy Davis, Caldwell suggested that when McCain jokingly volunteered his wife for a biker beauty pageant, whose contestants are often topless, “that's not not, N-O-T, not the type of expression that a presidential candidate, or anyone for that matter who is a follower of the Christian faith, ought to make.” Caldwell also made note of remarks that Pastor Rick Warren made to ABC News Thursday in a discussion about former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC, which he said he would “absolutely” have reservations about voting for a candidate who had committed adultery. "I don't know exactly to whom he was referring,” Caldwell said, “but I think the data speaks for itself, and again, at the end of the day, and I really appreciate you raising this because, at the end of the day again I think the American public deserves full revelation of the candidate's character and competency.”- jpt

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