Obama Decries Lobbyist Cash; Biden Has Reaped It In

The Center for Responsive Politics has a thorough analysis of Sen. Joe Biden's campaign cash intake now that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has selected him as his running mate.

The industry that has given Biden the most cash has been lawyers/law firms ($6,567,404) followed by real estate ($1,297,690). Pro-Israel groups are the 8th biggest contributing industry.

Obama may decry lobbyist cash (or at least federal lobbyist cash), but Biden has taken $344,400 from lobbyists since 1997 -- making lobbyists the 10th biggest contributing industry.

That seems a direct contradiction of the Obama message.

Biden's largest business contributor over the years has been MBNA, the credit card company from his home state of Delaware. Conservative journalist Byron York has written about whether Biden's relationship with MBNA has been too cozy.

Interestingly Biden is not personally wealthy so even though he's built a nice life for himself and his family, Biden's presence will still allow Obama to attack Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., as a multi-housed elitist. (Imagine if Mitt Romney gets added to the ticket!)

In fact, Biden is the senator with the lowest net worth, and ranks 576th out of 596 Members of the House and Senate in terms of personal wealth.

- jpt

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