Texas GOP Hits Obama for Ignoring Impoverished Half-Brother

In a web video, the Republican Party of Texas hits back Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on the "housing" issue in a web video that attacks the Democrat because his half-brother George lives in a shack outside Nairobi, Kenya.

"Barack Obama has viciously attacked John McCain and his family for being successful and living the American dream," says the ad's narrator.

"This even after McCain has given so much for his country…" (images of McCain as a prisoner of war)

"...Obama claims he's looking after our families in an economic downturn…" (images of Obama in Hawaii body surfing, playing golf)

"…but ask yourself this: If Obama cares so much about your family why doesn't he doesn't take care of his own family first. Barack Obama lives in this house…" (image of Obama's house)

"…wants to live in this one…" (image of White House)

"…while his own brother lives in this one." (image of Obama's half brother George.)

I believe Obama has met his half-brother -- one of eight half-siblings Obama has scattered throughout the globe -- once.

Isn’t this kind of a weird attack for the Texas GOP to launch given the recent revelation of Cindy McCain's "angry" and estranged half-sister?

- jpt

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