And What About Those 95 Democrats?

Yes, House Republicans didn't deliver many votes and 66% of them voted against the bill.

But considering that only a dozen votes needed to switch in order to provide a different outcome, and 95 Democrats in the House voted against it, critics are now wondering why couldn't House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have assured a different outcome considering how important she said its passage was?

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., told me yesterday that he felt no pressure at all to vote for the bill.

"For me it was an easy decision," Johnson said. "The bill has nothing in there that mandates workouts of these foreclosures that are pending. We have up to 5 million that are meant to occur over the next year."

"It was a Republican-caused bill and the Republicans, it looks like they failed to muster enough support to get this thing passed," Johnson told me.

What about the Dow going down 778 points?

"The stock market goes up, the stock market goes down, that's not something that I am particularly concerned with," he said. "I believe that the market will get over this initial shock that the corporate bailout plan did not go through, and that it will recover."

- jpt

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