That House Vote -- By the Numbers

The final vote was 205 in favor of the bailout bill, 228 against.

140 Democrats voted for it, 95 Democrats voted against it

65 Republicans voted for it, 133 Republicans voted against it as well.

60% of the Democrats voted for it; 66% of the Republicans voted against it.

The entire state delegation of Arizona -- Sen. John McCain's home state -- voted against the bill. 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans. All No.

Of the 19 members of Sen. Barack Obama's home delegation of Illinois, 9 voted against it, 10 voted for it. Of the 9 who voted against it, 4 were Democrats -- including Obama's close ally Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. -- and 5 were Republicans.

Of the 19 House Republicans from President Bush's home state of Texas, only 4 voted for it, 15 voted against it.

Of the 34 House Democrats from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home state of California, 19 voted for it, 15 voted against it.

Of the 8 House Republicans from House Minority Leader John Boehner's home state of Ohio, every one of them except for Boehner -- all 7 -- voted against it.

Of the 37 Democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee, 25 voted for the bill, 12 voted against it.

Of the 33 Republican members of the House Financial Services Committee, only 8 voted for the bill, 25 voted against it.  Meaning 76% of the Republicans on the committee where the bill originated voted against it -- a worse percentage than the House GOP as a whole.

Of the 31 Members of Congress whom ABC News has judged to be vulnerable in their re-election races, 7 voted for the bill, 24 voted against it. (11 of 15 Democrats voted against the bill; 13 of 16 Republicans voted against the bill.)

Of the House Democratic freshmen, 23 voted for the bill, 25 against it.

Of the House Republican freshman, all 17 voted against it.

-- Jake Tapper, Z. Byron Wolf, and Lisa Chinn

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