Obama Questions Whether ‘Desperate’ McCain Thinks Reagan Was a Socialist

HARRISONBURG, VA -- Heralding his tax proposal, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said the next president should "ensure a shot at success not only for those with money and power and influence, but for every single American who’s willing to work. In this country, if you try you should be willing to make it. That’s how we create not just more millionaires, that’s how we create the middle-class that has been the foundation of our society, of our culture. That’s how we make sure that businesses have customers that can actually afford their products and their services. That’s how we’ve always grown the American economy – from the bottom-up."

Obama said, "Now, John McCain calls this socialism. I don’t think he’s really serious about that, I just think he’s desperate but I call it opportunity and there is nothing more American than opportunity."

The crowd cheered.

"By the way, John McCain doesn’t like to mention the fact that under my plan...the tax burden would be lower than it was under Ronald Reagan," Obama added. "I don’t know if John McCain thinks that Ronald Reagan was a Socialist."

-- Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller

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