Palin on Special Needs Kids

Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband Todd sat with the Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman for an interesting interview.

"Palin called the disabilities issues 'a joyful challenge.' Todd Palin showed off photos of people with Down syndrome who have come to campaign events, and the candidate said one advocacy group sent her a bumper sticker that said 'My kid has more chromosomes than your kid.'

"'These children are not a problem, they are a priority,' Palin said.

"'We're on this journey with other families,' she said. 'We'll learn a lot from those other families, as they can count on us in the White House doing all that we can for them, also. It's going to be a nice team effort here.'...

"Palin's eyes well up as she talks about her sister's son, Karcher, who has autism.

"'My sister and I have talked a lot about this. It makes me cry thinking about it,' Palin said. 'She asked with tears in her eyes, she says, "What happens when Kurt and I, though, are elderly, then what happens to Karcher?"'

"Palin calls that the story of millions of Americans. Her hope is to strengthen the National Institutes of Health 'to make sure we're researching everything about autism and make sure we find out what causes it.'"

A moving moment.

Do you remember earlier in this campaign when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said, "there’s strong evidence" that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that was once in many childhood vaccines, is responsible for the increased diagnoses of autism in the U.S. -- a position in stark contrast with the view of the vast majority in the medical establishment?

- jpt

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