VA GOP Chief Compares Obama to Osama

Time's Karen Tumulty spent some time in Virginia this week covering the ground game in that battleground state,  and happened upon an interesting little scene.

In McCain's Gainesville, Va., office, Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jeff Frederick, standing on a folding chair, spoke to 30 campaign volunteers who were about to go canvassing door to door.

He gave them "talking points," Tumulty writes, "for instance, the connection between Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden."

Said Frederick: "Both have friends that bombed the Pentagon," in a reference to Obama acquaintance William Ayers. "That is scary."

Added a woman: "And he won't salute the flag."

(Not true.)

Offered a male volunteer: "We don't even know where Senator Obama was really born."

(Also not true.)

- jpt

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