'Who Is the Real Barack Obama?' Someone Has an Answer

At the Atlantic, Marc Ambinder says that when McCain asks the above question, someone in the audience yells "terrorist!"

In Estero, Florida, today, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, speaking before Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally, said the world had three types of people: "the ones who make things happen, the ones who watch what happens and the ones who wonder what happened. Let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened."

The use of Obama's middle name struck some critics as an attempt to paint him as "other," as "foreign," though the sheriff says he was just using the man's full name, no big deal.

(Why didn't he use Palin's middle name? He didn't know it. FYI, it's Louise.)

Palin campaign spokesperson Tracey Schmitt said in response, “We do not condone this inappropriate rhetoric which distracts from the real questions of judgment, character, and experience that voters will base their decisions on this November.”

Jump ball for discussion purposes: Are these random events it's unfair to blame on the McCain-Palin campaign, or does the new tone of the McCain-Palin campaign encourage these types of statements?


Politely, please.

- jpt

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