Hillary on Track for Nomination After Thanksgiving

ABC News can report that former President Bill Clinton's financial disclosure issues that once seemed an obstacle to Sen. Hillary Clinton's appointment as secretary of state have been worked out.An aide to President-elect Obama says that everything is on track for Clinton's nomination to be the nation's top diplomat, though an announcement will not come until after Thanksgiving. The aide tells ABC News that no national security announcements will likely come until after that holiday.Hillary Clinton and Obama, once fierce primary rivals, first spoke face to face about her serving in Obama's Cabinet last week in Chicago. The aide said they have since had other discussions about what they both hope for her to achieve in that post. The complex web of international business dealings involved with Mr. Clinton's personal business, his presidential library and his charitable endeavors through the Clinton Foundation, had created complications and possible conflicts of interest for his wife. But the Obama and Clinton teams, negotiating with many former officials of the Clinton White House -- such as David Kendall, John Podesta and Cheryl Mills -- have reached an agreement.Other announcements -- perhaps ones related to Obama's economic team -- may come before the holiday. - jpt

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