Latinos Flock to Obama

In Arizona, Latinos go for Obama: 61-36.

In 2004, Kerry won 56%, Bush 43%.

In New Mexico, which ABC News just called for Obama, Obama won Latinos 68-32.

In 2004, Kerry won them 56-44.

In Florida, a state we haven't called yet, Obama won Latinos 55-44. In 2004, Kerry lost them 44-56.

In Texas, a state ABC News called for McCain, Obama won Latinos 68-31. In 2004, Kerry barely won them 50-49.

John McCain risked his political career to pass immigration reform. He had a case to make to Latinos. He apparently failed to make it successfully. (Saying he wouldn't vote for his own bill during the GOP primaries didn't help.)

And, of course, the Obama campaign did what they could to paint him as anti-immigrant.


- jpt

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