Prez-Elect Obama Makes Plea for 2016 Olympics: Hey, World! I'm the President, not Bush!

President-elect Obama today sent a video plea to the European Olympic Committee XXXVII General Assembly meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, today, to make the case that Chicago should host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

If all goes well for the President-elect, his last Summer in office will be spent watching the games in his adopted hometown, and Mr. Obama makes an interesting pitch: "In the coming years, my administration will bring a fresh perspective on America's role and responsibilities around the world," he says. "But if we are to truly meet our shared challenges, we must all work together. By uniting the world in a peaceful celebration of human achievement, the Olympic Games reminds us that this is possible."

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

"The United States would be honored to have the opportunity to host the Games and serve the Olympic Movement," he says. "As President-elect, I see the Olympic and Paralympic Games as an opportunity for our nation to reach out, welcome the world to our shores, and strengthen our friendships across the globe."

(Read: Hey, world. I am not George W. Bush. Please give the American people and me an Olympics as a reward.)

-- jpt

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