Louis Caldera to be Director of White House Military Office

Building on his list of Clinton-era officials, President-elect Barack Obama picked Louis Caldera today to lead the White House Military Office. Caldera was appointed by Bill Clinton to serve as managing director and chief operating officer for the Cooperation for National and Community Service, and then as Secretary of Army in 1998.

"Louis has served his country with distinction in uniform and in government, and his pedigree is second-to-none," Obama said in a statement. "I know he'll bring to the White House the same dedication and integrity that have earned him the highest praise in every post, from Secretary of the Army to university president," said President-elect Obama.

Caldera, a former lawyer, was the president of the University of New Mexico until 2006 and most recently a tenured professor at UNM law school.

The announcement came as Obama met with the nation's governors in Philadelphia to hear their concerns and discuss the economy.

On Monday, Obama and Biden announced their national security team, including New York Sen. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but they stayed quiet on some key posts, such as director of national intelligence and CIA director.

-- Matt Jaffe and Huma Khan

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