Oh, That Joe! (No. 45 in a Series): The Loquacious Blue Hen is Gracious to the Spunky Maverick

Two months ago, all eyes were on vice presidential candidates Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, as the two squared off in their St. Louis, Missouri, debate. The blabbocracy wondered: would Biden be demeaning? Say something oafish? Make a gaffe?

As it happened, Biden and Palin's debate may have been best known for her wink and his relatively uncontroversial performance.

In Philadelphia for a National Governors Association meeting Tuesday to address the nation's floundering financial world, now Vice President-elect Biden and Gov. Palin came together once again.

"I want to thank all of you for being here," Biden told the assembled governors. "And Governor Palin, I want to thank you particularly."

"I might point out, as I told you -- we walked in -- since the race is over, no one pays attention to me at all," Biden said. "So I'm -- maybe you will walk outside with me or something later and say hello to me," quipped the loquacious Blue Hen as the crowd laughed.

"It's great to see you, Governor," Biden continued. "Thank you."

"And, by the way, I think it is -- I hope, you know, the whole country can see the sort of a metaphor for the fact that this election is over and here we are," he went on. "We're all together. We're all dealing with a common problem... This is not, as was stated so many times by all of you and us, this is not a Democrat or Republican problem. We've got ourselves a problem."

-- Matt Jaffe and Jake Tapper

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