The Spectre of a Senator Chris Matthews (D-Penn.)

Yes, Pennsylvania, it's true: Chris Matthews thinks he should be your senator.

The Patriot News reports the MSNBC host is "continues to talk with top Democrats about the possibility" of running for Senate in 2010 against Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Penn.

Matthews, 62, met with Democratic State Committee Chairman T.J. Rooney and executive director Mary Isenhour in Washington, D.C. "to discuss the logistics involved in a Senate run. Isenhour said she left that meeting convinced Matthews has not made up his mind about running."

Now while it's true that the non-partisan political tipsheet the Cook Political Report says Specter is one of the four most vulnerable senators of the 35 up for reelection in two years, others wonder if the outspoken cable guy would really be the Democrats' best chance.

Others say he should get off the air until he makes up his mind. Such as former Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer, who blogs: "If Matthews is going to run as a Democrat in what will likely be a contested primary, will he be willing to play hardball when his fellow Democrats are in the news?  How could he do an interview with Ed Rendell? How could he be trusted to cover the Obama transition and other political issues without fear or favor?  More to the point, will viewers think he is covering politics without fear or favor?"

And so on.

What say you?

-- jpt

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