Be Part of the Obama Inaugural! (Act Now While Supplies Last)

Recession, shmesession. Have you been longing for an "Obama Love Inaugural Tote Bag" by Diane Von Furstenberg ? It's only $70.

The tote bag is part of the new Runway to Change store at the Presidential Inaugural Committee's website -- which offers a whole host of merchandise at the Inaugural Collection on-line store, including: A gold, silver, and bronze medallion set at just $3,000 . Meticulously sculpted in antique finish, .999 fine silver, and in 14-karat gold by Marc Mellon, the front of the medallion depicts President-elect Barack Obama, while on the proverbial opposite side of the coin is the Presidential Inaugural Seal.

Or how about a "Be the Change" Inaugural poster by Shepard Fairey , signed and numbered for just $500? Or a $100 bound leather Inaugural portfolio ? A $400 framed and matted 16x36" panoramic photo of Mr. Obama taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, with a gold embossed signature of the president, vice president and Inaugural Seal? (Ships Feb. 15.) Or an $82 Commemorative 10.75" diameter Woodmere China Plate decorated in rich gold and striking blue design? Or a $30 set of two Inaugural champagne flutes ? Act now while supplies last! -- jpt

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