Obama on Train Trip: 'You’re Never Too Old to Toot the Horn. You Pull It and CHOO CHOO!'

As they traveled from Wilmington, Del., to Baltimore, Md., the Obamas kicked back.

Michelle Obama, who turns 45 today -- and was feted with leis and a Hawaiian themed party on the way to Washington D.C.'s Union Station -- hyped her husband’s inauguration speech, saying it would be good.

"That's not what you're supposed to say in front of the press!" President-elect Barack Obama joked. "You're supposed to say it'll be alright!"

The Obamas were at the time talking to some of the 16 special invited guests and their family members, people whose personal stories of struggle touched them during the campaign.

"There's no way Barack can sneak up," Michelle told the crew. "When he first came to D.C., the girls and I were there early -- we were there the day before so I'm watching TV and I see him land and get off the plane -- and then I turned off the TV and then we started hearing all these helicopters and I thought –- oh, 'Malia, Sasha –- I think Daddy's coming!'"

"You're never too old to toot the horn," Obama told the group. "You pull it and CHOO CHOO!"

Mr. Obama recalled his Apr. 2008 train tour. His campaign "wasn't going that well at that point" but it was "liberating," he said, to stand on the train and watch the landscape pass by.

"It was actually one of my favorite times on the campaign," he said.

-- jpt

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