Obama Still Clinging to his Blackberry

ABC News' Yunji de Nies and Sunlen Miller report: President-elect Barack Obama is still "clinging" to his blackberry... but not too much.

Upon arriving at Reagan National airport in Washington D.C. to fly to Cleveland, Obama got out of his black limo and dropped his blackberry and his case on the tarmac.

Yes -- his infamous blackberry -- the one that will be taken away from him in just four short days and the one he just recently said he is "clinging" to for every last moment.

A secret service agent promptly picked up the president-elect's beloved device and handed it back to him.

Obama has led a much-publicized campaign to keep his blackberry once he's inaugurated. For security and legal reasons -- and mainly for not wanting to leave a paper trail -- Obama may not win that fight.

But for the next four days, it's all his to use -- and abuse.

Incoming White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joked that Obama's clumsiness this morning might have solved the fight.

"That may have solved his blackberry dilemma, right," Gibbs joked to press, promising to check the status of the blackberry. "Forget the lawyers."

-- Sunlen Miller and Yunji de Nies

UPDATE: ABC News' Ann Compton reports that top confidantes David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett tell ABC News that Obama will keep his blackberry to keep up personal contacts "outside the bubble" of the White House. The two advisors confirm the president-elect wants to continue messaging political allies and personal friends such as his high school friends from Hawaii. "He's pretty determined," Axelrod says.

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