Yes, We Can (Try to Hop on the Obama Marketing Bandwagon)

Pegging off of the popularity and success of President-elect Barack Obama’s distinctive campaign logo, Pepsi has unveiled a new logo for their soft drink that is remarkably similarly to the president-elect's campaign O. Coincidence? Well, consider this -- Pepsi has also launched a new campaign in conjunction with the redesign birthing slogans (all sporting the highlighted circular O)... Slogans such as "Yes You Can." And: “Optimism." And: "Choose Change." Officials from Pepsi insist that their product’s new look and message in no way is intended to copy Obama’s message, but rather to align their product with the mood of the country right now. “Pepsi has always stood for youthful exuberance and optimism, which is reflected in our new campaign like never before,” Pepsi spokeswoman Nicole Bradley told ABC News. “We can't speak to the president-elect's design sensibilities, but we're all over his prevailing spirit of optimism. That's as refreshingly bipartisan as it gets." The Obama campaign did not have a comment about the similarities between the message and the logo. Last month, Pepsi commissioned a Pepsi Optimism Project (POP) survey, which concluded that those whom they dub “Millennials” (people born between 1980 and 1990) remained, “confident and optimistic” despite “a failing economy, employment woes and countless other concerns.” Bradley says that the new youthful and optimistic marketing campaign was a result of that survey, which found that 94 percent of young people have a positive outlook on the future. Pepsi also has plans to have a big presence in Washington, D.C. next week during the inauguration. The company has teamed up with The Creative Coalition to hold an inaugural ball. A spokesperson from Pepsi said that during the week they will continue it’s brand re-launch around the ideas of hope, positive change, and active participation though forums out-of-home communications, and TV. Is this change we can believe in? Or in the words of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY -- then accusing Mr. Obama of plagiarizing speeches -- is it change we can Xerox?

-- Sunlen Miller and Jake Tapper

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