Asleep at the Wheel: Japanese FM Nods Off During G7 Talks

ABC News' Matt Jaffe reports: Finance chiefs from around the world gathered this weekend in Rome to figure out how to solve the worsening global economic crisis, but simply staying awake proved too tough a task.

It appears that Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa fell asleep at today's meeting of the Group of Seven's finance leaders.

See for yourself (source: APTN / AP):

Granted, the jet lag from a 15-hour flight isn't easy to overcome, but when your nation's economy is predicted to contract by 2.5% this year, per the IMF, and its biggest automakers like Toyota and Nissan are slashing jobs by the tens of thousands, that should be enough to keep you awake.

If not, there's always that time-honored Italian stimulus: espresso.

At least Nakagawa managed to stay awake for his meeting with his American counterpart, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

- Matt Jaffe

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