Five Columnists Join Obama on Air Force One

Also joining the Obamas on Air Force One: five newspaper columnists, invited to join the president for an on-the-record sit-down onboard the plane.  According to one columnist, it was a very last minute invite from the White House (around 8 p.m. Thursday).  Those invited include the Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page, the New York Times's Bob Herbert, the Atlantic's Ron Brownstein, and the Washington Post's EJ Dionne and Kathleen Parker. Page's most recent column, about Obama, was titled " Obama's hard-learned lessons in leadership ." Herbert's, also about Obama, was titled " The Chess Master ." Brownstein's last column about Obama was titled, " The Solvency Solution; For Obama, the key to recasting the stimulus debate may be a commitment to fiscal discipline ." Dionne's last column was titled, " Lost in the Middle; When will the Obama administration learn that bland centrism achieves nothing ?"

Parker's Wednesday column about the president was titled " So Far, Amateur Hour ." -- Jake Tapper and Karen Travers

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