Gallup: President Obama Has Upper Hand in Stimulus Debate

New numbers out from Gallup this morning indicate that -- even if a plurality of Americans want a trimmed-down stimulus package and many Americans want many changes to the bill -- the President has the upper hand in the debate.

Sixty-seven percent of the American people approve of how President Obama's handling his efforts to pass an economic stimulus bill, as opposed to 48% for Democrats in Congress and 31% for congressional Republicans.

Congressional Republicans actually have a staggeringly high 58% DISapproval rating for how they're handling the stimulus debate, compared to 42% for Hill Democrats and only 25% for President Obama.

Gallup says that 51% of those polled believe that passing the economic stimulus plan is "critically important" for the economy, with 29% saying it's important. Only 16% say it is "not that important."

These are the numbers President Obama has as the debate begins again in earnest this morning, with his trip to Elkhart, Indiana.

- jpt

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