Obama to Coach K: 'I Look Forward To Him Proving Me Wrong'

ABC News' Teddy Davis and Huma Khan report:

President Obama called into the "The Ed Schultz" radio show this afternoon and was asked about Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski's lighthearted jab at his NCAA picks .

"I see the Duke coach doesn't like your picks?" Asked Schultz.

"Coach K, I think, is a great coach. And you know, Reggie Love, my assistant, played for Coach K. And so it's not surprising. I didn't pick him to go to the finals. Look he's a competitive guy, I just don't think they've got the inside game to go all the way. But I look forward to him proving me wrong," the president said.

It all started with a small interview. Obama filled out his bracket with ESPN reporter Andy Katz this week. His Final Four picks -- North Carolina, Louisville, Memphis and Pittsburgh would make it to the Final Four, with the Tar Heels winning the tournament.

"I still think that Duke, a lot of skilled parameter players, [but] they just don't have the muscle inside. I think [Pitt's DeJuan] Blair is going to eat them up," the president said.

Responding to the president's lack of faith in Duke -- head coach Krzyzewski took a joking jab at the president yesterday, saying: "Somebody said that we're not in president Obama's Final Four. And as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets. Why would I care about that? I love the guy, and I think he's gonna be great."

-- Teddy Davis and Huma Khan

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