President Obama's Half-Brother Abo Denied Visa to Enter UK

President Obama's is a branchy family tree, as you might recall when we took a look last July at his 11 half-brothers and -sisters.

One of those half-siblings, is Abo "Samson" Obama, 41.

In 1987, Obama visited Kenya to meet Jok Obama in K'Obama (the people of Obama in the Land of Obama), and Abo wasn't happy that the tape recorder Obama brought him as a gift wasn't a Sony.

"I nodded at him, trying not to get angry," President Obama wrote in his memoir "Dreams From My Father."

In his half-brother's eyes he saw "something that reminded me of young men back in Chicago. An element of guardedness, perhaps, and calculation. The look of someone who realizes early in life that he has been wronged."

Twenty-two years later, Abo is getting some unwanted attention in British press this weekend for being refused a visa to re-enter the United Kingdom in January while traveling from Washington, D.C., back to Kenya.

Reports the Times of London, the denial stems from "an accusation of attempted sexual assault and receiving a caution for a public order offence." Samson is "alleged to have been living illegally in Britain when he was arrested in Berkshire last November. A group of girls, one aged 13, told police a man approached them and followed them into a café a mile from the home of Samson Obama’s mother in Bracknell."

Abo Obama was "questioned by Thames Valley Police for several hours, during which his fingerprints and a DNA sample were taken. He is alleged to have told detectives that he was Henry Aloo, a genuine asylum-seeker..." He "denied any sexual assault, but is reported to have accepted an official caution for a public order offence. A caution is an admission of a criminal offence. Police were reported to have also discovered that Mr. Obama had been living illegally in Britain for seven years."

Reuters reports the Border Agency, responsible for immigration issues, said, “We will oppose the entry of individuals to the U.K. where we believe their presence is not conducive to the public good. All visa applicants are fingerprinted and checked against watch lists. Using this high-tech system, we have detected more than 5,600 attempts to use false identities since December 2007."

- jpt

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