WH Senior Adviser: "At That Point It Became a 'West Wing' Episode"

As we prepare to assess the Obama administration's First 100 Days, many of us here in the press corps have been talking to senior advisers about how they see these past eventful few months.

One senior White House adviser says both the words "exhausted" and "energized" describes the President.

"He loves the work and he's challenged by it. There are days when he could stand to be challenged a little less."

The adviser praised the "fluency" with which President Obama works on one issue and then jumps to another.

He recalled a busy day at the end of March. The president started the day with a briefing on North Korea's then-pending missile launch, then had to make a decision about what to do about General Motors and Chrysler , then he had to "button down" the new policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan , then he had to re-visit aspects of the decision regarding the auto manufacturers.

The adviser was in his office towards the end of the day contemplating the momentous decisions the president had to make.

"This is an extraordinary set of items," he recalls thinking.

At that precise moment, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel called him and said "They're evacuating Fargo."

Jokes the senior adviser, "at that point it became a West Wing episode."

- jpt

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