Your Stimulus Dollars at Work: Putting People 'In a Better Place'

ABC News' Jon Garcia reports: The latest on your stimulus act dollars at work: Vice President Joe Biden announced  Thursday that the federal government is spending $2 billion on subsidizing child daycare costs -- and tacking on an additional $300 million to pay for vaccinations for the nation's poor.

"There should never have to be a choice between heading off to work and leaving your child in anything other than competent and good hands," Biden told reporters at the top of his sometimes-weekly meeting of government officials in charge of tracking and promoting  the stimulus.

The $2 billion  is allocated for low income families to offer them the ability to fund child care while parents are looking for work or "just keeping the job they have."

"When doing that they shouldn't have to worry about finding affordable, quality day care," Biden said.  "A lot of parents who have jobs are -- that's their -- that's their major concern.  And those who are looking are trying to figure out how they can do both, get a job and be able to care for their children."

How do families actually get the money?   According to administration documents, most will have to apply to their state for vouchers which can be used to pay for child care. Some of the $2 billion can be used by agencies to pay for child care training, including specialists to care specifically for infants and toddlers.

The additional $300 million for vaccinations will "stop illnesses before they happen, eliminate long hospital stays, cut health care costs, improve public health, and flat out save lives.  So simply, they make life a lot better for everyone in this country," Biden said.  "Just like everything else we've done in the Recovery Act, that's our only goal:  Raise the living standard for average Americans out there; put them in a better place."

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