Obama's Date Night in New York

ABC News' Vija Udenans Reports: Today Pres. Obama and the First Lady are taking their 'date night' to New York, dinner and a Broadway show. Mid-afternoon the President, tie-less in a stunning black suit escorted the first lady to Marine One on South Lawn, while Sasha, the youngest daughter watched and waved from the upper balcony.

Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless, body-fitting, knee length, black cocktail dress and black heels that almost stuck in the South lawn sod. The President took her hand as they continued to the waiting chopper.

A White House press spokesperson tells us the President had explained the visit, "I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished."

The couple did not take the large 747 to New York, but flew a much smaller C-20 (G3). The press pool flew in a separate plane, identified by the military as a G5, followed by a staff in a third plane (G3). White House staff said the smaller planes were more fuel efficient.

AF-1 landed at Kennedy Airport. Marine One flew them over the Brooklyn Bridge to Lower Manhattan.

The motorcade made its way over to West Street, banged a right on a cobblestone Clarkson, then on to Carmine. They ended up at 6th and Washington place.

The first couple dined at Bluehill Restaurant where reservations are reportedly hard to get. The restaurant features "locally grown fare" and has it's own farm in upstate new York.

The first couple arrived at the Belasco theater on West 44th Street, where they will see "Joe Turner's Come and Gone."

Earlier in the day, both parents attended eldest daughter, Malia's soccer match. Spectators informed the press pool that Malia's team, "the tsunamis" did win.

They are expected to return to the White House tonight.

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