Trump: Miss California, President Share Opposition to Same Sex Marriage

ABC News' Jake Tapper and Karen Travers report: Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, Donald Trump said today, "gave a very, very honest answer when asked a very tough question at the recent pageant. It’s the same answer that the President of the United States gave. It’s the same answer that many people gave and at the same time, it was a controversial question. It was a tough question. It was probably a fair question because it’s asked of many people." Prejean, as the world knows, said she opposed same sex marriage, an answer that likely cost her the Miss USA crown because one of the judges, Perez Hilton, found it objectionable. Trump said Prejean "gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from heart and I think for that, she has to be commended." One of the complaints many gay and lesbian activists have with President Obama's opposition to same sex marriage is that it gives cover for the Carrie Prejeans of the world . Even though the president may support civil unions and other rights for same sex couples, it's his insistence that marriage is between a man and a woman that allows opponents of what gay rights groups call "marriage equality" to paint themselves as mainstream and reasonable Richard Socarides, who advised President Clinton on gay and lesbian issues, agrees with Trump's observation today. "You know, it's the same answer," Socarides says, "but one of them should know better."

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