An Impromptu Twitterview with Sen. John McCain This Morning

TAPPER: @SenJohnMcCain what would u say were u president? how much of a concern wd it be that "the west" supporting protestors cd be demonized? Thx

MCCAIN: @jaketapper we heard that during the Cold War when the left didn't want us criticizing the Soviet Union b/c we could have been "demonized"

TAPPER: @SenJohnMcCain i had a feeling the memory of jailed russian dissidents hearing Reagan speak about them wd be something u were thinking about

MCCAIN: @jaketapper USA always stands for freedom and democracy!!

TAPPER: @SenJohnMcCain WH says it needs to focus on Iran's nuke program/support for terror, must deal w Iran we have not 1 we wish we had. response? TAPPER: @senjohnmccain to translate from twitterese: WH says "We have to deal with the Iran we HAVE, not the one we WISH we had" MCCAIN: @jaketapper that's revisiting the cold war arguments on how we dealt with the Soviet Union

MCCAIN: @jaketapper - we must stand strong for democracy in Iran as we stood for Democracy in Poland, Germany, and Czechoslovakia

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain So if President Obama called u and asked your advice what would u tell him?

MCCAIN: @jaketapper speak up for these young Iranians who deserve a free and fair election.

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain Possible that would hurt w/efforts to bring Iran to negotiating table re: eliminating nuke weapon program?

MCCAIN: @jaketapper again, same old argument by the left during the Cold War - we've seen this movie before.

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain so bottom line, u think a stronger rhetorical show of support from PresObama -- would that include a call for new election?

MCCAIN: @jaketapper Absolutely!! Funny, how history repeats itself...

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain Any prediction for what happens in Iran? Mousavi asked his followers to stand down from today demonstration,fearing violence. MCCAIN: @jaketapper no prediction, but if we are steadfast eventually the Iranian people will prevail. But this regime has tight control.

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain How do you think Ahmadinejad/Khamanei see the response from the WH so far?

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain FYI @Change_for_Iran bills self as Iranian student + sends this pic "Ashora platoon" 5 killed by this man

MCCAIN: @jaketapper Iranian resistance tweets to help spread the message against violence and the corrupt election

TAPPER: @senjohnmccain What say u on North Korea? PrezObama meets w South Korean President today

MCCAIN: @jaketapper this is a half measure - those ships should be stopped and searched...if there is probable cause

-- jpt

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