Father's Day for the Obama Girls

ABC's Vija Udenans Reports: Father’s Day weekend for the Obama girls included a ride in the presidential motorcade to get frozen custard from The Dairy Godmother on Saturday afternoon. Twelve dark vehicles wound thru small side streets to the Del Ray section of Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington.

Liz Davis, owner of the frozen custard shop, said she had about 4 minutes of “lag time” between knowing she would have “a visitor” and the President walking in with his daughters.

Although the flavor of the day was posted as butter pecan, the President ordered a small cup of vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge and toasted almonds.

Sasha, his youngest daughter went for the big chocolate brownie sundae with frozen yogurt, hot fudge, a cherry, sprinkles, and whipped cream. But, the full cup seemed a bit too much and she asked her father to scoop off the whipped cream onto his own treat.

Malia, the oldest daughter, ordered a waffle cone and vanilla custard.

The president paid with cash and then sat down with his daughters to enjoy the treat. Through the big plate glass window he could be seen visiting with other customers, holding a few babies, and posing for pictures with them.

The crowd that had gathered outside the shop, during the 15-minute visit, cheered as the first family exited the frozen custard shop.

The president was seen carrying a white bag to his car, which Liz Davis tells us contained frozen puppy pops for Bo, the first dog. Bo can expect to dine on pumpkin, and peanut butter and yogurt frozen treats tonight.

Frozen custard is a regional treat in Illinois and other mid-west states, thus the owner speculated that made her shop a nostalgic visit for the former Illinois senator.

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