Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 6/116/2009

TAPPER: The president went a little farther today than he did yesterday, saying he had concerns about the election, when directly talking about the election results or the legitimacy of the election. What are his concerns and what are they based on?

GIBBS: Well, I -- I -- we've enumerated some of those concerns over the past -- the course of the past few days. I think irregularities in general. I think you've seen -- I think I saw reports that one of the candidates overwhelmingly lost their home region. But I think, obviously, the international community is watching with some concern. Obviously, even those in Iran have noted concern with the outcome, and that's why they're also looking into this. But I think again -- I think the international community has concern not just about what happened in the election, but what has happened in the aftermath.

TAPPER: Has the president reached out to Arab allies or other conduits, to Khamenei or any other of the power structure in Iran to talk about what happens next?

GIBBS: Not that I'm aware of. Again, I think I would, you know, stress for you the importance of what the president discussed also in his comments both yesterday and today about ensuring that, while we -- while we abhor the violence associated with this vigorous Iranian debate, that we also respect their sovereignty.

-- jpt

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