Missing Mayor

ABC News' Sarah Tobianski reports:

One person may not be in attendance at President Obama’s speech in Warren, MI today – Mayor Jim Fouts. According to the Detroit Free Press , Fouts wasn’t on the list of approved guests – despite receiving an invitation - but found out Monday he was upon clearing security checks.

He says he already made plans to meet with residents.

“I have important people who are demanding my time,” Fouts said, to the Free Press. “I am in a dilemma, and I’m trying to resolve it.”

Fouts has been critical of the Obama administration because he feels the president isn’t doing enough to keep auto manufacturing jobs in the U.S. And it doesn’t appear that he will agree with the goals Obama will be outlining in today’s speech for training American workers.

"Job retraining is kind of a joke if you're going to retrain people for jobs that no longer exist. If you're going to retrain jobs for people in Michigan related to the auto industry, those jobs have already been hijacked by the fact the federal government has allowed them to move to China or Mexico," Fouts said to WWJ Newsradio .

Fouts says he suspects that state leaders don’t want him there because they’re upset with him for his pitch to move General Motors headquarters from Detroit to Warren.

“I don’t think they want me to attend,” Fouts said to the Free Press. “Frankly, I think they would like to shoot me down from speaking to the president.”

Fouts said he is also disappointed that today’s event isn’t a town hall forum, saying the president has to hear from “real people.”

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