Obama Rallies the Troops and Money With DeMint’s “Waterloo”

ABC News'Sarah Tobianski reports:

What started as a battle of words Monday when President Obama hit back at Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina for saying health care could be Obama’s “Waterloo," has now turned into a full blown war to rally support and money behind the president’s health care policies.

Obama’s “Organizing for America” and MoveOn.org are ramping up their campaigns to curtail - what they say - are the same old Republican “scare tactics and outright lies to stall reform.”

The groups are flooding the inboxes of supporters with requests for money and calls to members of Congress as it tackles reform in the days leading up to recess.

“With Congress only days away from finalizing their plans for reform, it's time to stand up with the President and fight back against this disastrous brand of old-style politics,” says Mitch Stewart, Director of Organizing for America . “So we need as many people as possible to publicly support the President's principles for health care reform and call on Congress to act.”

In the coming days, Organizing for America will also collect signatures of supporters on its website and publish them in papers across the country.

On Monday, the president took a similar tactic first hand.

“This isn't about me,” Obama said at a Children’s hospital. “This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses and breaking America's economy. And we can't afford the politics of delay and defeat when it comes to health care. Not this time, not now. There are too many lives and livelihoods at stake.”

This likely won’t be the last time we see Democrats using DeMint’s words, painting Republicans as being too political, as they attempt to win the health care battle.

-Sarah Tobianski

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