President Obama: "What We're Doing Is Hard"

President Obama continues to make his health care reform push, urging Congress to pass legislation before the deadline he has tried to impose: the August recess.

Shown the Washington Post newspaper headline indicating that his job approval ratings, particularly those dealing with health care reform, were sinking, the president told the NewsHour's Jim Lehrer that the results of the Post/ABC News poll "means that what we’re doing is hard and, you know, the truth is I feel pretty good about the fact that our polls have held up under extraordinarily difficult circumstances."

The president said "the congressional process, people are always a little suspicious of. I’m confident, though, that in the end, any bill I sign is going to make more people secure in their health care and it’s going to drive down costs over the long term." The president said that "members of Congress have worked their way through this process and examined what all the options are, what we’re going to be doing is bringing some of them into the White House and – "

"To crack heads?" asked Lehrer.

"Oh, I don’t know about 'cracking heads,'" the president said. "'Facilitating.'...Facilitating a discussion that solves these problems."


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