The Latest from the US-Russian Summit

MOSCOW -- Sources from both the U.S. and Russian sides say that everything is on track for an announcement today on a "joint understanding" on reducing warheads from around 2200 to closer to 1500 per country.

Other details that will be hashed out at a later date include numbers for the reduction of delivery systems (e.g., nuclear submarines), how to verify these commitments, and U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

In addition, in the agreement that will be signed today, Russia will allow the United States to transport its military personnel and equipment across Russia to support coalition forces in Afghanistan, further diversifying transportation routes for troops and equipment and saving the United States government up to $133 million annually in fuel, maintenance and other transportation costs.

The U.S. and Russia will also establish a Joint Commission on POW/MIAs to account for personnel from World War II; the Korean War; the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, including Soviet military personnel unaccounted for in Afghanistan.

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