Obama to Be Briefed by (Bill) Clinton on North Korea Mission

From ABC News' Sunlen Miller:

This afternoon in the Situation Room, President Obama will hear from former President Bill Clinton about his mission to North Korean rescue Laura Ling and Euna Lee .

The briefing, which White House aides expect to last for an hour, will be the first time the two will speak face-to-face about the mission since Clinton brought the two journalists home earlier this month .

“This will be the first chance the two Presidents will have a chance to have a long conversation about this issue,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. “I think he believes this will be a crucial opportunity for him to speak directly with and get first hand and direct impressions from former President Clinton about what he heard, what he saw, and where we go from here.”

Mr. Clinton has had numerous debriefing meetings —perhaps as many as three –with members of the National Security Council since returning with the two women.

In the closed door meeting this afternoon, will be members of former President Clinton’s staff, members of the NSC, and members of the State Department.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not be at the briefing today – she’ll be meeting with Colombian Foreign Minister at the time, and will send her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, in her place. Mrs. Clinton will meet beforehand, one-on-one with Obama in the Oval Office.

-Sunlen Miller

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