The Bill Clinton-Kim Jong Il Meeting

A source briefed on their meeting tells ABC News that when the subject of North Korea's nuclear program was raised -- almost certainly by Kim Jong Il -- former President Bill Clinton conveyed to the North Korean leader the same message he tried to express throughout the '90s: that North Korea's nuclear program will not make that country safer and more secure, but rather will continue to lead to further international isolation.

Mr. Clinton forcefully told the North Korean leader, the source said, that he needs to free the Japanese abductees and South Korean detainees currently held captive by that rogue regime.

Obama administration officials say U.S. policy towards North Korea remains the same as it was a week ago. Despite suggestions from observers that this week's gestures from Pyongyang may indicate a desire by Kom Jong Il to re-set the U.S.-North Korean relationship, the White House says future North Korean actions relating to its nuclear program are the only true way to judge whether that's true.

-- jpt

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